We have Sifrei Torah available in various stages of completion.  You can either commission a Torah from the beginning and have it completed within a year, or you can choose a Torah which is ready for completion.

Sifrei Torah are available in various sizes:
Full size – 48 cm. / 19 inch parchment

Medium size – 36 cm. / 14 inch, 42 cm. / 16.5 inch, 45 cm. / 17.75 inch
Small size 24 cm. / 9.5 inch, 30 cm. / 12 inch

Miniature Torah’s are also available.


We offer Torah scrolls in all K’savim / Scripts to accommodate your custom:
K’sav Beis Yosef – used by Ashkenazim
K’sav Arizal – used by Chabad and others who follow the Chasidic Customs
as well as K’tav Sefardi.


Prices start at $50,000.00 and go up depending on the consistency and beauty of the K’sav.

All of our Torah’s are 100% Kosher and acceptable irrelevant of price. The Price of the Torah includes all necessary inspections and including computer inspection. Your Sefer Torah is guaranteed to be 100% kosher and fit for use.

Please click on the Price Request button and we will call you to further discuss all available options and prices.

Additional information
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 12 × 12 in
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Sefer Torah Scroll