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Kosher Tefillin Gasos

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All of our Tefillin are guaranteed to be 100% Kosher. Individually inspected by a qualified Sofer (scribe), computer checked, certified, and sealed. All assembly is done on premises.span style=font-size: 12px;>

Price reflects a complete ready-to-wear set; Battim (Housings), Parshiot (Scrolls), Retzuot (straps) and outer plastic protective boxes.span style=font-size: 12px;>

A pair of Tefillin consists of a Tefillin Shel Yad which is worn on the arm, and a Tefillin Shel Rosh which is worn on the head. The tefillin Shel Rosh is a box constructed of four separate compartments pressed together to form a perfect square Bayit – housing. These four compartments are identifiable by the visible grooves on the exterior of the Bayit Shel Rosh. The scrolls of the four parshiot are written on four individual pieces of parchment. Each of these four parshiot are placed into their own separate compartment. The hebrew letter shin adorns the Shel Rosh on the right and left sides of the Bayit. The straps called Reztuot are fastened through the back base of the Bayit called the Ma’avarta. The knot on the Shel Rosh is formed in the shape of the Hebrew letter Dalet.span style=font-size: 12px;>

The Tefillin Shel Yad however, is a perfectly square box containing only one compartment. The outside is smooth on all sides. The four parshiot are written on one long piece of parchment , which is rolled and placed into the single compartment of the Shel Yad. The long Retzuah strap is fastened through the back base (Ma’avarta) of the Shel Yad Bayit and knotted in the shape of the hebrew letter yud.span style=font-size: 12px;>

Tefillin Gasot are shaped out of one thick piece of cowhide. The Battim are very strong and long lasting. They will retain their shape and squared corners throughout many years of constant use. Even when they become old and worn they can be restored to look as good as new.span style=font-size: 12px;>

The Retzuah straps are manufactured under strict Rabbinical supervision from quality cowhide .span style=font-size: 12px;> div style=text-align: justify;>Our Tefillin comes complete with:

Battim (Black Housings)

Parshiot (Scrolls)

Retzuot (Leather Straps)

Plastic Storage boxesspan style=font-size: 12px;> div style=text-align: justify;>Sample of high quality scroll writing available for Gasot Tefillin

Photo div style=text-align: justify;> div style=text-align: justify;>Photo

100% Satisfaction

Quality Guaranteed

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Tefillin Gasos